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FreeMySole Natural Hoofcare is dedicated to providing high-quality natural hoof trims for horses of all breeds. A vital key for a great trim is balance. The hoof of domesticated horses today suffer what has been referred to as Deformed Hoof Syndrome. Due to a lack of care, and in some cases improper shoeing and/or trimming, our horses are forced to undergo their various disciplines with very weak internal structures of the foot. Most of the maladies suffered are the direct result of a lack of balance to the horse's foot. The hoof must be balanced on four planes in order to create the correct environment to cause internal structures of the foot to work in equilibrium.  An unbalanced hoof can produce improper pressure to various areas of the foot which in turn will produce stress to the bones and muscles of the horse. Resulting conditions will include such things as toe cracks, weak frogs, false soles, stretched white-lines, navicular syndrome, ringbone, sidebone, laminitis, and subsequent founder.
Researchers have determined that pressure is the stimulus for growth. However, there is correct and incorrect pressure !  A foot correctly balanced, dorsal to palmar (front to back), medial to lateral (inside to outside), distal to proximal (bottom to top) allows for three dimensional, rotational balance !!  Given the proper environment and impeccable balance, the horse can now use its God given innate ability to heal itself. Taking advantadge of the 5th dimension, time, along with regularly scheduled hoof trims, many conditions  can be reversed and soundness improved or restored !!
The first picture shown below is the effects of Laminitis with resulting Founder in my Missouri Foxtrotter, Merry.
The second picture shows the complete restoral to soundness after six months of regular scheduled, properly balanced hoof trims. 
The affects of Founder
Restoral to soundness without shoes
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